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Access & Entry Systems

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With unauthorised personnel access facilities that are prohibited, crime is often committed especially when doors are left open in high vulnerability areas. Without quality access control means in place, these areas will always remain a target and are often monitored by the criminals.
As soon as an opportunity for a criminal is there, no doubt the crime will be committed. These attacks can be prevented by installing quality access control systems.

"With a quality Access Control System installed, you can protect and safe guard high vulnerability areas"

SecurityCAM Access Control Systems allow you to have complete control over access to your facilities. We have a broad range of access control products that include electronic as well as standard systems that can easily integrate into your environment. Our team of engineers have the experience to provide integrated systems so that your alarm, cctv and access control system can all work together providing you with a total solution.

We use some of the latest equipment for our access control systems that include digital scanners and biometrics - as time for technology has evolved for these systems to be more affordable and effecient.

Our Access Control Solutions include:

  • Keypad Door Entry Systems
  • Combination Locks and swipe cards
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Gates & Barriers
  • Integrated Access Control Systems

We provide quality equipment, do clean installations and provide full training whether it's for home or business. With 24/7 technical support, we are equipped to handle your company's access control needs.

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